What Do Web Developers Do?

Every business that wants to be competitive in the modern day business environment whether online or offline, must have a professional website. The power of the internet in the success of modern day businesses cannot be underestimated. People are using the internet to help find information, places and products they need. In fact, the internet has helped businesses to expand to new markets increasing competition while at the same time creating new opportunities. To take advantage of the internet, businesses must have a functional, effective website. Failure to create a professionally looking website will make a business lose potential customers. In order to tap the power of the internet, businesses are opting to hire web developers.


What do web developers do?

Web developers do a range of functions that include coding, designing and laying out a website in accordance with the needs of the client. Once the website has been created, the web developer may assist with the maintenance and upkeep of the website. To be a successful web developer, the developer must have experience in the planning and the delivery of various web applications across multiple platforms. Basically, the job description of a web developer may entail writing efficient code, creating websites using various standard practices like CSS and HTML.


The job of the web designer may also require him or her to work with other professionals such as web designers and programmers depending on the scope of the project. The developer may also be required to have a constant communication with clients to develop and deploy their content. The developer may also be required to inform the clients of what can be achieved within a specific timeframe.


Other things that web developers may be required to do include researching and deploying different software programs as well as maintain software documentation. The web developer may also be required to maintain and enhance the website once it is built as well as implement contingency plans in case the website goes down.


To be a web developer, you are required to have deep knowledge and experience in server architecture, HTML/XHTML, JavaScript and CSS among other languages. You should also have experience with various server-side frameworks such as ruby, ASP, Python, Java, PHP and ASP.NET. Knowledge and experience with database systems such as Oracle and SQL are also necessary. You may also be required to have basic training in computing or computer science.


Other abilities that you must demonstrate to work as a web developer include basic Search Engine Optimization knowledge, strong communication skills, ability to work with strict budgets, time constraints and business goals, and ability to manage a team.




Hiring a web developer is necessary for businesses that look to add value to their website. A web developer brings extra service, knowledge and expertise to the project allowing businesses to get the biggest return from a small outlay. Before creating a website, the web developer will thoroughly evaluate the needs of the business ensuring that all necessary aspects of the business are optimized through a custom design. The developer will also ensure that the website is utilizing the latest technologies for better results. The web developer will also ensure that your website applications and services are up to date and safe for users.